The Byron Collection: A Gallery Wall


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  • 'The Byron Collection - A Gallery Wall'

    Free shipping & insurance on this artwork, includes Australia, North America, UK, Europe, South Africa and most of Asia.

    Original painting  - A collection of 11 original paintings.

    Total size - approximately: 130cm x 80cm

    All artworks are ready to hang - No framing necessary

    As Donna does, she was rumbling through the studio and found a collection of timber offcuts left over from the house renovations plus various sized small painting blanks.
    In a flash they were being painted. What are you doing said Bob.

    In typical fashion, Donna says; 'Not sure yet, but just leave me to play and imagine - I’m sure I can make these into something to love.
    Well, that worked out in spades. Here is Donna’s take on a Gallery Wall; a collection of artworks painted on many different sizes and thicknesses. Donna has used non-traditional mediums and techniques to create a very unique and very 'Donna' art piece.
    There is no set layout. Follow Donna's layout or use your imagination to create your very own Gallery Wall.

    We know buying an original painting can be a big decision. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to phone. Donna is always happy to chat about her work.